You’ll be glad you did (on the other side)

When you’re happy, you’re admired. You’re a role model to others as they envy you for an authentic life and a smile on your face they see and the impact you make in your life contributions. People naturally want to know what you know and what steps you took for success in your life. In your assured confidence, others can sense you’re living whole, have mind-body awareness, are in control, and are living a healthier life. But what if you’re not there… like, this season has left you with doubt, loss…

You can just drop in and learn something you didn’t know the day before.

Whether you like or dislike, the Clubhouse app is diminishing the global communication divides and growing collaborative, human connections.

From a SWOT analysis perspective, that’s commonly taught in marketing graduate programs, you can perceive these live Clubhouse audio events as either opportunities or threats (FOMO or new technology in an already crowded virtual world).

Your view depends mostly on which side of the coin you see from. So, you probably fall into one of 3 camps when it comes to an opinion about Clubhouse.

  1. you’re not…

You can gain and apply daily wisdom to get the life you want today.

As I little girl I used to think in life, you got fame or fortune by lucky chances, and that happiness was a sheer given from good choices you made in love and career, so pick the right ones.

We didn’t have a widened view of the world unless we traveled, watched television, read books, newspapers, and magazines. Fast forward decades later, and we now live in an digital age of awareness and information.

Then, as we add to our knowledge base, our life’s accumulated seasons of personal trials, celebrations, and emotional ups and downs, we can apply the wisdom.

Forced waiting is helping you become the person you want to be.

Learning how to be patient is an investment in your life, and will pay-off in dividends for the remainder of your long life. 100%.

How do I know? Because I learned in my life…

I lost a decade of my life. At 35, the height of my career, and what used to be defined as middle age, I had to pivot (like many are doing now).

I had a personal crisis where I had to suddenly move back to the area I grew up.

Once upon a time, a blog was a social media platform

I created a blog in 2009 that grew quickly. The American economy had just crashed. I lost my almost 7-year job in a massive corporate layoff. Most Americans were impacted. And you couldn’t just work harder to succeed.

You had to reinvent yourself (similar to the 2020 unprecedented time in history). So, I started blogging about deals offered from local businesses in a relatively, smaller town that I lived in, where no one there was doing what I was promoting on the internet.

Back then, I had a voice…

I can hear helicopters circling around outside as I’m writing this. There’s a protest that’s happening outside and visible for everyone to see on the news.

There’s so many reasons to feel like the world can be ending and the sky is falling. It can feel like we’re amidst chaos or a war, and we need to survive.

But it doesn’t have to for you.

Whatever is happening (or not going on) in your life, strive to put one foot in front of the other.

When I was younger, the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a popular band that rose…

They make people curious about you and your personality

Having seen thousands of Zoom backgrounds, the best ones have bookshelves. The lines create uniformity and balance to an irregular shape foreground, formed by your head and body.

Setting your camera straight and head-on, makes you look more flattering, just like in photos where up the chin photo shots can add extra unnecessary pounds. Use the depth and length of the room (not ceiling) to provide nice perspectives.

If you want a good Zoom background, use your home library or setup some books on shelves.

Books are interesting to anyone, as…

What is joy vs. happiness? Joy is happiness, but happiness isn’t always lasting and isn’t internal joy.

The feeling of joy is something you learn in life.

If you go on an experiential retreat, it will only be life changing for you with your active participation. Similarly, internal joy is deep and can only be fully captured with your own recorded real-life experience.

Words on paper just don’t give the meaning of joy, the richness in feeling that it is. Internal joy, brings peace and purpose. No anxiety, worry, or fear.

Written simply on paper, joy is an internal feeling…

How they can help us and never compete with us

As robots are already in the news, being used, and among us, we can learn to embrace them instead of fear them.

The first thing is to eliminate any robot anxiety or worries around how they will replace you and me in the workplace.

A human can creatively out-think a robot. Robots will never have the brain capacity we have.

They will never be able to feel deeply beyond their machinery mechanics allow (such as, the Tin Man in the “Wizard of Oz” who just wanted a heart).

Their happiness and sadness will never be as empathetic and compassionate as…

You’ve come so far this year — don’t stop now.

As we look back on 2020, all is not lost and there will be many gains to report back. We have history as proof. On the other side from past pandemics and world wars, the world developed revolutionary new ways that may otherwise never have been birthed.

Growth is inevitable. Unlike war post-trauma, there was no personal attack on a country. We all rose together as a nation and a world.

Most importantly, we gained connection, compassion, empathy, and our human-ness in a non-stop growing digital world. We learned to pause and value people over things.

With the fresh start…

La Dolce Vita Diary 🎉

Inspired writer giving helpful advice for a happy and healthy life full of love, peace, joy, influence, and wisdom.

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