How to Handle A Micro-Manager in Any Work Environment

From an employee perspective on when to go to human resources

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  • Keep your focus on improvement and sell yourself to them, that you are dedicated to the organization so they will want to work on your behalf. Leave coming up with potential solutions up to them.
  • The less you go to HR with separate complaint cases, the more they will trust that you are not just a complainer. Be respectful to this HR representative (and his or her time) as they could be your biggest liaison in the workplace you are in. It is not often safe to go to your manager’s manager with problems about your manager, as they most likely will side with your manager. They could’ve probably been the one to approve the hiring of your manager, so there is not looking bad to the company (“saving face”), at stake.
  • Document all your meetings with your manager (recording dates and times), with an overview of what you discussed, what went well and not well from that meeting. Things should improve as HR works with your manager and you.

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