Honoring Ongoing Mental Health Awareness Month.

When you cry, there’s an emotional release that’s cathartic. A teardrop can lead you to gratitude and productivity. Sadness (and laughter) can be good for mental health.

An emotional chord in you has been rocked that doesn’t just have to stay for the moment.

Your natural sad feelings can serve to help you take an action.

If you experience a secondhand loss like someone you know suffered a loss or you see a tragedy on media, your sadness shows compassion and empathy.

If you lose a loved one firsthand, then your grief and sadness are felt like a deeper loss…

We have the technology to do what it takes and we can re-purpose daily

I believe environmental sustainability is the biggest challenge that we have on a global scale today. And I believe in global effort, where the world will map out the answers with technology and AI in the next decade.

Since 1995, an annual global summit convenes to work on these bipartisan issues. The next one this year is focused on food systems (COP 26 in Glasgow).

Global warming and cooling, fires, volcanoes, snow, and hailstorms during summer are signs that our climate challenge has hit its peak. …

A 5-minute list can forever change your outlook on happiness.

When I started jotting down a weekly gratitude list of 5 things, I noticed my outlook immediately changed. Yep, it’s that empowering.

Writing down is so powerful because you can go through the process of deliberately thinking through and recalling recent memories. But you knew that.

And you also knew to wisely read what you wrote, to reinforce and record those thoughts in your brain. Otherwise, the thought may just pass through without acknowledgment.

(The same reason why self-awareness doesn’t always happen — there’s no meditating on or making deeper thought connections).

I found that limiting the list to 5

Varies for each person and that’s how smart workplaces will approach for long-term effect

When I shifted from an office environment to remote working, my job became sustainable in work-life balance. I started thinking about how to incorporate wellness into the evenings and not just the weekends.

According to the Global Health Institute, wellness is defined as “the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

I embraced balance and that there’s a better way than the daily work grind of dreading Mondays and looking forward to Friday that many Corporate America working employees feel.

I worked for companies and organizations in offices and remote for over…

Lessons learned from the perspectives of a Dean’s List student

If you want your first job to be in Corporate America, then get a college degree. If you want to bypass the traditional route and make significant change and impact in the world with your potential abilities, then skip the four years of outdated higher education learning.

Go be an apprentice in an up-and-coming field so you can set yourself up for success in our fast paced, digital world that affects most sectors.

In the Middle Ages, apprentices learned skills and techniques under a master teacher. Had it not been…

3 things to know about moods (to be productive).

If you’ve ever asked someone or yourself, “what are you feeling?” and the answer is met with silence or an uncertain response, maybe that’s because the thoughts-deeper feelings haven’t yet formed and settled in yet.

There can be an internal communication delay that can have mood interference. A new mood can pop up anytime, and live subtly and obscure below the skin surface.

Conversely, a tear or burst of laughter is an obvious sign of happy or sad feelings or even a concrete thought that can be articulated in words.

If instead, you asked someone, “what are you in the…

You’ll be glad you did (on the other side).

When you’re happy, you’re admired. You’re a role model to others as they envy you for an authentic life and a smile on your face they see and the impact you make in your life contributions.

People naturally want to know what you know and what steps you took for success in your life. In your assured confidence, others can sense you’re living whole, have mind-body awareness, are in control, and are living a healthier life.

But what if you’re not there… like, this season has left you with doubt, loss, or lemons?

There’s a distinction between authentic (showing up…

You can just drop in and learn something you didn’t know the day before.

Whether you like or dislike, the Clubhouse app is diminishing the global communication divides and growing collaborative, human connections.

From a SWOT analysis perspective, that’s commonly taught in marketing graduate programs, you can perceive these live Clubhouse audio events as either opportunities or threats (FOMO or new technology in an already crowded virtual world).

Your view depends mostly on which side of the coin you see from. So, you probably fall into one of 3 camps when it comes to an opinion about Clubhouse.

  1. you’re not…

You can gain and apply daily wisdom to get the life you want today.

As I little girl I used to think in life, you got fame or fortune by lucky chances, and that happiness was a sheer given from good choices you made in love and career, so pick the right ones.

We didn’t have a widened view of the world unless we traveled, watched television, read books, newspapers, and magazines. Fast forward decades later, and we now live in an digital age of awareness and information.

Then, as we add to our knowledge base, our life’s accumulated seasons of personal trials, celebrations, and emotional ups and downs, we can apply the wisdom.

Forced waiting is helping you become the person you want to be.

Learning how to be patient is an investment in your life, and will pay-off in dividends for the remainder of your long life. 100%.

How do I know? Because I learned in my life…

I lost a decade of my life. At 35, the height of my career, and what used to be defined as middle age, I had to pivot (like many are doing now).

I had a personal crisis where I had to suddenly move back to the area I grew up.

La Dolce Vita Diary 🎉

Inspired writer giving helpful advice for a happy and healthy life full of love, peace, joy, influence, and wisdom. https://www.healthyhappylifesecrets.com

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