5 Healthy Drink Alternatives While Writing (or Working) From Home

These small healthy changes prevent disease, and save time and money

5 Healthy Drink Alternatives While Writing From Home
5 Healthy Drink Alternatives While Writing From Home

Many people are spending more time at home (including writers). Shifting to healthier drink alternatives has made a positive difference in my daily life.

These are the main benefits:

  • Save time and money.
  • Have more energy.
  • Be happier, home brewing coffee and tea to taste.
  • Be healthier, choosing anti-inflammatory and disease preventing drink choices. This benefit I’m happiest about.

These are the 5 health conscious drink switches I’ve made this year (you may want to consider)…

1. Cold Brew Coffee

Writers have a cup of coffee next to them as part of their daily ritual. I’m no different. I splurge from black coffee to making a cappuccino if I want to take a few more seconds.

From hot coffee, I switched to all cold brew for several reasons.

  • Health reason. The main reason was health-related. Hot coffee is more acidic. If one of the first things you do in the morning, is drink coffee, I encourage you to make the switch as hot coffee can tear up your stomach, and you can feel the difference.
  • You don’t have to wait for your coffee. You don’t have to make cold coffee in the morning like hot coffee(that can sometimes require a cup of coffee) if you have to do several steps beyond hitting a button. With cold brew, you can just pour a cup from a weekly batch made. You also don’t have to wait for the coffee to cool down to drink. Or, experience drinking luke warm coffee that most people don’t like.

Making cold brew coffee is a relaxing ritual.

You can purchase cold brew from the grocery store (like Stok or Starbucks cold brew). That’s how I originally discovered cold brew coffee.

Then when I returned from an extended vacation in Florence, Italy, I made the switch completely. Italy, in case you didn’t know, is home to espresso and where Starbucks got their business idea.

When I had the option of the “best” italian coffee and making cold brew from Italy store bought coffee, I opted for my convenient cold brew over a 1 euro coffee across the street.

From then, I realized that I could make the complete cold brew shift.

As I gradually shifted to cold brew, I learned and prefer to make my own. I started with a makeshift method using coffee filters and a glass canister. This type of process can take several hours as you have to wait for the water to drip into the coffee, while you keep pouring cold water. Most likely you’ll walk away and come back, that can make brewing time longer.

Another method is, you can buy a cold brew coffee filter and canister, that takes minutes instead of hours.

There are other processes to make larger batches of cold brew. They’re all easy. As simple as pouring cold water over filtered ground coffee.

When you make your own, you can use your favorite ground coffee. You can appreciate your coffee better as you can smell the coffee while you make a batch of cold brew. For me that’s in the afternoon. It’s a good break in the day. I can think of writing ideas and look out the window at nature. The same place I started my day with a glass of water.

In the morning, drinking water is a gentle way to start the daily process in your body. Think of water as a primer. Even cold brew can be a harsh alternative to water that the body prefers.

As you go about your day, while alternating drinking water, there are a few other drinks I incorporate that I’d suggest.

2. Alive!

After I finish drinking coffee in the morning, I turn to a supplemental powder drink called Alive!, loaded with protein, fiber, and vitamins. It’s a great late morning pick-me-up drink. Alive! has a high dose of vitamins that you may not get in your daily diet.

This is an especially good healthy alternative if you don’t drink coffee.

It gives you a jolt. You can just shake it up with water and ice, in a tumbler. You don’t have to pull out all the ingredients and prepare like a smoothie that can take longer than you want to take, as a break.

You can make it into a smoothie, as another way to give the drink a variety. You can add juice, fruits or add to a veggie drink.

Alive! Benefits:

  • Loaded with key vitamins that you may not get in your daily diet.
  • Instant burst of energy.
  • Easy on the stomach to digest. If you’ve ever taken a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach, you may know the achy stomach feeling.

3. Green tea

Like coffee, you can drink tea, hot or cold.

Because of its versatility, green tea is a caffeinated hot drink option since I only drink cold brew coffee.

When it’s hot outside, I recommend making your own ice green sun tea. You take a glass canister, tea bags, and water, set outside and let the magic of the sun brew your tea. Then when it’s done brewing, then you add ice cubes to cool. For a sweetened taste, you can add a touch of peach juice that has a fair amount of sugar.

If you ever have the sniffles, I recommend Yogi Super Antioxidant green tea, as super potent, and has grapeseed extract.

Green Tea Benefits:

  • Green tea is caffeine-rich without giving you the jitters.
  • Good for a hot or cold drink.
  • Anti-inflammatory, preventing many diseases.

4. Coconut Water

When I want variety from drinking regular water, I opt for Vita Coco coconut water that re-hydrates and quenches thirst. Since Vita Coco has potassium electrolytes, it detoxifies. Potassium also helps to lower overall cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

With a high natural sugar count, coconut water has less added sugar than most beverages and sports drinks. Sparkling water is also a tasty alternative, but lacks minerals and vitamins.

Flavored carbonated drinks also can erode teeth enamel. Vita Coco has calcium that helps build strong bones and teeth.

Coconut water has calcium and magnesium nutrients, that help to reduce fatigue, stress, and help maintain muscle relaxation. In some medical life emergencies, coconut water has been used as IV hydration.

Coconut Water Benefits:

  • Essential minerals for life function, especially needed as you age.
  • Rehydrates and detoxifies.
  • Stress reducing and calming.
  • Electrolyte energy.
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

With so many health benefits, coconuts are one of nature’s Superfoods.

Taking advantage of a coconut, the flesh or meat part of the coconut is thicker and milkier. Coconut milk is my preferred milk alternative for coffee, cereal, smoothies, and sweet recipes calling for milk.

Milk has become like technology, evolving through the decades.

I started out my milk journey as a child and young adult with whole, low-fat and skim milk. Those were the only milk options.

Then when soy milk became hip, I made the switch to soy. I didn’t like the taste and then studies revealed soy’s malnutrition properties. From there, I made the switch to non-dairy milks, as dairy was then becoming controversial on the food pyramid (from once being a necessary food category in the 4 basic food groups model).

I now choose almond and oat milks, and have discovered that coconut milk is the super milk with all its nutrients. Makes sense. Coconuts have been around as long as palm trees, the only tree that can withstand 145 mph hurricanes.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is an immune booster and loaded with nutrients, not found in milk or other milk alternatives.

Coconut Milk Benefits:

  • Great taste and smooth, creamy texture.
  • High in vitamins, specifically Vitamin A and Vitamin B12.
  • Antioxidant properties.

While I’ve seen the evolution of milk, I don’t think you can get any more natural and healthy than a coconut. You never know, society may find a way.

I want to be healthy so I can stick around and see. Maybe you have a similar curiosity and desire.

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