3 Reasons You Want to Choose A Spiritual Path (That Could Help You Now)

Dream Big and Seek A Higher Calling

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If things aren’t where you’d like them to be now in your life, you may want to consider finding your deeper calling. From a source bigger than yourself.

Before going on quest for a greater purpose, you may need to figure out why you would want to. Maybe nothing is working in your life. That’s a big reason.

But — here are 3 other compelling reasons for you to consider even if your life is semi-good compared to before…

You could be leaving something bigger on the table.

1. Getting a bigger dream (bigger than what you could or are imagining).

The opportunity you are dreaming of (relationship, job opportunity or life) is probably smaller than one you could actually get on your own.

You (and all of us) simply just don’t know the pitfalls of the dream you think you want and can get on your own with your appearance, personality, actions, experiences, and skills.

You may think that’s all there is. It’s not.

What you think is best now or near future is not necessarily Your Best in reality. As humans, we don’t know what we don’t know.

You could be happier (content) if you took the one that you were meant to be with (Soul Mate). No one is guaranteed love will last, but with a meant-to-be relationship love, chemistry will be for the long haul (even if coming and going and back again.)

Don’t mistake this Soul Mate to be the easiest and most compatible person, as those relationships can sizzle out.

The mystery-filled Universe-chosen person will help you explore love, through tough personal and spiritual growth. And the lifetime relationship won’t fizzle out, leaving you sad and scratching your head wondering what happened.

If you’re single now, you may have more time to work on yourself and your wholeness. If you find your spiritual path, then you’ll never be alone…

And you’ll be more fulfilled if your life’s purpose reveals itself (and you leave a boring or unsafe job to pay the bills).

You can unleash hidden talents within you that can enhance your purpose. You may not have discovered yet in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. But they were there all the time coming out at the opportune moment.

By cracking your spiritual code, you could have less problems. If you pursue the bigger dream for your life, you may find you’d run into less challenges, that could be signs meant to help redirect you.

You could focus on positives and your life’s strategy, instead of spending the same time putting out fires.

My car actually caught on fire and that was one of the signs I chose to explore a different path.

My belief that there’s more joy out there (without knowing anything concrete) was upheld when I dove deeper, searching and challenging myself and the Universe. I believed first, and then the working pieces started to unravel.

Think of a series of paths you can choose. And you didn’t even know that one of the paths had another mini path that led to your rainbow. Or there was an unknown path that led to rainbows and sunshine, but you had to purposefully choose your steps to get there. And that started with a belief that something is better out there.

You can believe you can get a dream larger than the one you can dream of for yourself. Your dreamy-wants don’t have downsides. They are grander than life as you don’t live them out usually.

If you think retirement, getting the dream job or a certain mate is what you want now, if you were to enter those situatinos and watch the days unravel, you’d realize fast within a few short years or months that your dream is shattered…

Because retirement ages you unless you have a purpose. And mobile people like to be around people who have things going on.

Your dream job and partner has flaws. Everything and everyone does. There’s nothing perfect forever on earth.

If you can imagine reality, then you can realistically see your dream.

How to Dream A Grander Dream

These dream realities do exist but they come from dreams beyond yours thoughts. They could be a vision.

If you could dream a bigger dream than you could imagine, those grander dreams could turn into your life’s purpose.

…A possibility you didn’t even know existed before just believing the unknown and impossible.

And it can happen in the worst of times.

Amidst our 2020 crises creating uncertainty, you can still have a big dream waiting for you…

Who knew that we’d be facing a pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives (that few alive have ever similarly faced)? No one knew, and not the exact timing.

If you knew in advance, you then would have been better able to prepare. You may have taken another job, started a freelance gig or a blog (a year ago).

…And you would have planned more trips, attended more large social events, and ate out more.

But — the Universe above knew the bigger picture of the world, in its wisdom.

Now is the time to figure out what you need to do (especially if you lost your job among the millions).

Strategize with the Universe.

Figuring out how to tap into your power and get things rolling now (when you want) can be the challenging part.

Where and how to begin?

Believe. From exactly where you are.

As unfathomable as an invisible virus could affect millions in so many different ways, there’s an invisible force that can uniquely benefit you so much greater if you just choose to believe.

Change your mindset from You and your power to make decisions. Shift the power to the Universe.

The Universe knows what you should wait for and be working on. And is abundantly giving and loving in your favor.

If you ask.

Talk aloud as though you’re talking to someone (not self-talk).

Be eager to get a response. But be okay to wait.

Be authentic. Bare your soul. Don’t hide or be fearful of what you may get back. Your life is meant to work out in your favor. Go back to finding belief if you need to.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama shares and bares her life in her documentary and book, Becoming. We could all learn a thing or two from her journey. She didn’t want to go into politics but the Universe had a better plan. Enter her Soul Mate, Barack Obama.

In their differences, they were able to become a stronger union even though they had difficulties in their beginning.

Trust and believe. Michelle Obama’s life’s journey is not over. It’s just starting as a Post-White House occupant. And yours may just be unfolding or beginning.

Another reason for your spiritual growth choice is to discover out who you are underneath your mask.

2. Finding out who you really are.

What you see as Yourself is not what others may see.

Dogs and cats are confused when they look in a mirror because comically to humans they think it’s another 4-legged creature they’re staring at.

If our human insides were exposed and seen, that’s what would happen to us — we’d think we were seeing someone else.

You don’t fully know what’s underneath your skin, subconscious brain and in your heart.

Getting inside to your deeper core, and desired personality traits, can help unleash life’s best opportunities. You may not be able to see or handle an amazing opportunity until you become more patient or loving.

You want to find out what you lack. You can’t get a deeper awakening unless you try to figure out who you are and what character traits could be holding you back. You have to be open, and to possibilities.

When I worked for professional jobs, I always saw myself with a smile on my face. Even when I wasn’t feeling happy. And when life wasn’t good. That was my job. Only when one of my bosses gave me the okay to loosen up, did I let up. Then I started to share my feelings and discovered who I really was in my work.

As more Millenials gradually started to take over the workforce demographics a few years ago, I noticed along with the gradual shift to work casual wear, they showed up with their moods. And maybe revealed too much that those at the top don’t carelessly show. Self-control is a trait that leaders master or they can pay consequences for their words or actions.

I learned not showing moods and not having moods are two different things. Longer lasting moods are indicators that there may need to be a deeper alignment.

Maybe what you’re doing now isn’t making you happy or the bigger dream for your life. If you end up in a mood for days or a season then you may be able to find a higher calling on your life.

You may be missing deeper meaning in what you’ve been doing. When you bounce from activity to activity, most likely you haven’t found where you need to be to be fully happy with purpose. All the more reason to find your deeper calling, spiritual path, and internal peace.

3. Getting peace.

Solace is what we all need to ease anxiety, fears, loneliness, and sad feelings.

We need to get away from our feelings created by our ego minds, passed onto our body as stress or depression. Showing up as acne, headaches, or extra weight. That’s your body’s way of showing you signs that it’s not happy.

Regain your peaceful equilibrium.

Embrace what you’re going through. You are where you’re supposed to be.

Don’t fight or take sides. That won’t help you move forward.

If you have another higher source or spirituality to go to, you can reclaim your internal joy (peace).

Set aside a routine to find and tap into that deeper peace and joy, and you can watch yourself grow and your thoughts change to help you.

Then you can be more productive and creative. You could use life fulfillment and happiness as your motivator.

When you follow a spiritual path, you find peace, can start working on a bigger dream, and discover who you want to be that’s different than on your own.

In the future, you’ll be looking back at this season and thinking how uncertainty created a greater calling and better trajectory for your life.

Inspired writer giving helpful advice for a happy and healthy life full of love, peace, joy, influence, and wisdom. https://www.healthyhappylifesecrets.com

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